A congregation of drones is a rare and magical thing to witness. Mostly because they take place in or above the tree canopy, in a floating coalescent chaos of honeybees, keen on mating with a new queen.

Technically, it’s called a Drone Congregation Area, and I accidentally flew my own radio-controlled drone through one in Atlanta’s Food Forest. Despite the fact that the drones only live for a few weeks, with each year, new drones return to the exact same DCA to continue their esoteric mating ritual.

Why that is, is a mystery, but experts believe it has to do with the health and viability of the forest.

Thankfully, Atlanta has an impressive tree canopy for a major urban city, and just this week the City added more than 200-acres of mature forest to the greenspace, with the Lake Charlotte Nature Preserve. That, plus all the other innovative places in Atlanta where bees have a chance to thrive, makes the honeybees – and the rest of us – more resilient in tough times.

For a look at the congregation of drones, please click the video below.