Few industries were hit harder during the COVID-19 pandemic than entertainment. The impact on dancers, for example, was immediate and nothing short of catastrophic.

With quarantine and social distancing rules in place, in-person classes were cancelled, as were shows and other gigs that helped pay the bills for thousands of these creative professionals.

It was also difficult to simply practice and hone their skills in the confined space of their homes, as studios and theaters remained closed for months.

That’s why the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs provided grants to many of Atlanta’s talented dancers – to help them with income and give them a way to sharpen their skills through choreography and innovative forms of self-expression.

Except for the opening sequence, the names of those included in the dance clips shown and the titles of their video submissions are as follows:

Leland Thorpe, Title of Work: COVID 19 Champz

DeWayne Jamar Brown, Title of Work: “Back To A NU Dream”

Artistic Name: Guilherme Maciel First and Last Name: Jorge Santos, Title of Work: “Waiting…” Choreography and Dancer: Guilherme Maciel

Douglas Scott, Title of Work: “Reemerge, Reorganize, and Restructure”

Tamara Irving, Title of the Body of Work: By Faith, Choreography: Tamara Irving, Music by Tori Kelly, So Will I – 100 Billion X)

Beth Del Nero, Title of Work: “The Anxiety of Waiting”

Julie Galle Baggenstoss, Title of Work: Time Is Space

Patrick Keith Smith, Title of Solo: “Let There Be Peace on Earth”