This weekend, volunteers armed with rakes, clippers and shovels fanned out across the City of Atlanta’s new 3.8 mile intermediate-level mountain bike trail at Southside Park.
They’re grooming the course to get it ready for the official unveiling Saturday, March 23.
If you watched The Storyboard’s previous video about the beginners-level trail, then you know mountain biking is a lot of fun, even if you’re an amateur like me.
But be warned – while it’s amazing to ride – the intermediate trail can also be unexpectedly grueling and challenging if you’re just starting out on your mountain biking journey. So, if that’s you, lock in the granny gear, keep your hands on the brakes, and take your time until you get used to it.
At one point, I thought I was the butt of a cruel practical joke, because the trail began to look like a labyrinth. But I was reassured that such is the nature of a “stacked” trail, that sort of twists and turns on top of itself.
Which leads me to my next point: bring plenty of snacks and water or whatever your power drink is. Because this is a work-out like you won’t believe.
While I was out riding the other day – or trying to – I ran into a couple of folks from MTB Atlanta who worked with the Atlanta Parks and Recreation Department to help build the course, along with several other partners.
I asked them what it takes to make a great mountain bike trail – one that will allow the Atlanta cycling community to avoid long drives OTP, so they can stay close to home and enjoy this incredible sport.