Javion is a 28-year-old Atlanta resident, who’s the picture of health.

As soon as the governor relaxed the state’s COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Javion – like millions of others – found himself going out more and taking advantage of the reopening.

But almost immediately, he got sick.

Sick enough, in fact, to join a long line of people getting tested for the coronavirus at one of the free sites across the city. And he has good reason to be concerned: his age group currently has the highest rate of infection for the virus in Georgia.

Georgia is one of the states seeing a sharp rebound in the numbers of people becoming infected as businesses return to normal and social distancing is scaled back. Recently, the state broke its own infection rate record three days in a row.

Mayor Bottoms has been staunchly opposed to the statewide reopening, calling instead for a more cautious data-driven approach.  And now, the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control estimates that for every person who tests positive for COVID-19, ten more are actually infected – bringing the real number to more than 20-million.

Javion talked to us about his symptoms, his advice for his peers and his proactive commitment to keeping others from getting sick, while he recuperates and waits for his results. For more information on COVID-19 testing, go to ATLSTRONG.org.