“When I saw my city crying out, I had to come answer the cry.”

That’s how Atlanta resident Ross Grimes explained his presence downtown Saturday outside the CNN Center to help with the clean-up from the previous night’s chaos and damage. He was by no means alone. Hundreds of others came out to volunteer as well.

Officials believe anarchists and terrorists infiltrated a massive peaceful protest to honor George Floyd, who was killed by a Minneapolis policeman. APD Police Chief Erika Shields said many of them were from out of town and didn’t know their way around the city. Dozens were arrested during the violence and vandalism that followed.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms ordered a curfew starting at 9pm May 30th, urging Atlanta families to keep their children close and to stay away from danger. During a press conference with the Chief, the Mayor thanked everyone who showed their love for Atlanta by helping with the clean-up effort.