Sometimes, even the toughest of us can use a little extra support.

For the Atlanta Police Department, that’s where a pint-sized pup named Scout comes in. The brindle mixed-breed hunting dog has found her calling – as an emotional support canine for the APD. And she has quickly become a popular fixture in the department.

But her story could have been far different.

She was abandoned and discarded in a parking lot, when APD Commander Leanne Browning found her and took her in. Not long after that, Browning discovered that Scout had a talent for caring, that was big enough to share among her colleagues on the force.

After being trained and certified, Scout was promoted to her current position at Public Safety Headquarters, where one day in the future, she will be joined by other rescued dogs – who will also be trained to help bring a smile to even more officers dealing with one of the hardest jobs you can have.