Atlanta’s Southside Beltline Interim Trail was only recently opened to the public, but it’s already hugely popular with area residents. The trail is still mostly levelled-out gravel and sand, but it’s a lot of fun to walk, jog or ride your bike on. Most of all, it’s a perfect way to explore and connect with many of the city’s diverse neighborhoods from Ansley Park to Washington Park.

Sturdy running shoes or hiking boots will be very helpful along the four-mile section of the interim trail. A good mountain bike with fat tires is probably the best way to ride on the unpaved sections, though some cycle-cross riders may also be able to handle the rough terrain. Also worth noting, it can feel a little isolated in some areas, so you might want to take a partner with you when you go check it out.

The Southside Interim Trail is expected to be completely paved in 2020.